Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pounding the Pavement

The moment is quickly approaching where I will be job hunting! You know, it has been easy to think about resumes and interviews since I always had several months to study...several more classes to take. You know, TIME......

While I am not looking forward to "the search", I know that God has prepared just the perfect job for me. It is out there and I will find it!

School has been unbelievable! I guess you CAN teach that old dog after all! And for all that work, I get to travel down a new that I know will be "golden" (with a few "Stones", I'm sure)

AND...Very soon, I will be creating again, writing, working on some digital scrapbooking, visiting with YOU here again.

Wish me Luck!

We reached our destination!

"The journey" of a year and a half is over! Dr Jennings has "finally" released all Lembcke family members from Orthopedic care! It is a grand day indead! As you know that is the reason I started this blog in the first place....To keep everyone posted on all of the surgeries (see early posts for some funny stories!!)....Lindsey's ankle surgeries from "the break of the century", Kimberly's ACL injury, and a few shoulder issues that were "hanging around my neck" (snicker).

Dr Jennings (and co) we Love you guys!

BTW....What exactly did you mean when you said "Don't be a stranger???". Just the concept of being in your office indicates an injury of some kind!!!

Maybe we will visit from time to time....

"Socially". *wink*
Which is, I'm nearly certain, what you meant...