Tuesday, December 8, 2009


:) = Surround Sound Sterio, Cable, and a New HD TV.....
:( = 3 REMOTES~!

What happened to the Universal Remote? Everytime I want to watch a show I have to round up all 3 remotes. I need each respective remote to turn on the separate devices. If Lindsey's Ipod was docked I have to swith the "" on the Surround Sound Box. It also controls the sound, of course. I have to power up the Cable box as well, and the TV. Knowing which one does what is becoming a nightmare! It is actually not too bad if you are watching TV directly after someone has been doing the same. BUT if they were watching a movie.......all bets are off! If it was the Wii...totally different set of steps....
I have started calling to the girls now to "fix" it because it is just so much easier......How sad. But, you gotta have a Logistics Degree just to catch a show!~

Monday, November 23, 2009

ABSENCE makes the heart grow fonder...

And since I have been absent for...well...a LONG time here, you must REALLY love me! Or you could have simply totally forgotten me. I'll try not to take it personally. I guess it would be a self inflicted wound...

The fact is, I have dropped out of many of your lives. Not for any other reason but that I am working two jobs and um...sleeping, eating, and occasionally waving to family members. I think there are 3 of them.

I am contemplating returning to college...again. Would like to finish up so and get it out of the way. That way, I can eventually scrapbook again, make beautiful quilts, do some knitting with Lindsey and do all those fun things with all of YOU!

Check back from time to time though, cause I will try to resurect this blog. I may even spruce it up...when I have time!

Monday, May 26, 2008


And now, rather than try to detail seemingly endless days of fascinating job hunting drama, including such hits as "Yes you rock, but how much MEDICAL EXPERIENCE do you have?", and "What do you mean you want a COMPANY CAR??" (ok, I totally made that one up!)...I will just go with the top 10 5 highlights...

*52 submitted resumes
*38 days
*6 interviews
*1 peeing in a cup experience (oh joy) for drug testing, a pre-employment physical, and exhaustive background check....


*ONE...WONDERFUL JOB!!! (I hope)

I start next week!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was in the bathroom drying my hair this morning when I heard quite a racket in the kitchen. I was only mildly concerned because our older dog has a harder time getting in the dog door now days. I called to her "c'mon girl" and continued to get ready for work.

Minutes later, as I approached the kitchen to pour coffee, what I saw made me laugh hysterically! THIS little Bandit had gotten into the fridge and was in "Leftover Heaven"!! So stinkin' funny! Of course, or two other dogs would not be left behind in the "Pillaging" and were enjoying the wealth of Grandma's Olive Garden lazagna and a someone's Chicken Fried Steak.

Would you ever believe that such an inocent looking pup could be such a rouge?? Of course not! We have actually caught her in the fridge before and set up a "sting" to see how she was doing it. It is a "one dog" operation. She was caught mashing her nose into the rubber lining and wiggling her way in. (no pain no gain, right???)

The funniest thing about the whole venture this morning is that "DAD" got blamed for the disappearance of the leftovers when people were looking for them at lunchtime! ha!

Remember, if you don't wedge a chair against the fridge door, anything on the bottom shelf IS FAIR GAME!!!


PS: So we went to Ghengis Grill for dinner tonight and we all had leftover "chinese" style to-go boxes. Since the leftovers are all so similar in appearance, Chris grabbed a pen and went to label them...he wrote his name and gave me the pen...I wrote my name on mine and then went to label Grandma's. In a moment of pure wit I labeled it "M-O-L-L-Y"!...teehee...we all had a good laugh.
Now, where can I buy a child/"dog" proof refrigerator lock???

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Thursday morning..4:20am...April 10th..

It was the worst storm I have EVER experienced...

Chris and the girls saw red, blue, and green lightning! (I have since researched this and the colors are due to gasses in the air)

All I saw, as I (don't do this at home) stood in front of the(glass)screen door, was rain and debris flying around so violently that my view was only just past my own front yard. Tree branches were thrashing violently. I can't even begin to describe the sound of the wind. The sirens were sounding, but we could not hear them. Then we lost power.

Kim woke up because the tree in the backyard was banging up against her second story bedroom window. She got up to look and could not believe how the tree was rocking in the wind. She got Lindsey and they stood there (again, NOT proper storm procedure) in front of the window watching the storm. The ligntning was just like a strobe light...flickering so fast. I have never seen anything like it.

We got the girls downstairs and I went to the back door to see how the fence was fairing. But when I got there, what I saw made my fence concerns of no importance. Our tree, the one Kim woke up to now lay on the ground. (see photo)

It was an amazing storm and was actually classified as a tornado. I drove around the next day in amazement as I saw how powerful the forces can be. Next time, I may head for safety.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pounding the Pavement

The moment is quickly approaching where I will be job hunting! You know, it has been easy to think about resumes and interviews since I always had several months to study...several more classes to take. You know, TIME......

While I am not looking forward to "the search", I know that God has prepared just the perfect job for me. It is out there and I will find it!

School has been unbelievable! I guess you CAN teach that old dog after all! And for all that work, I get to travel down a new road...one that I know will be "golden" (with a few "Stones", I'm sure)

AND...Very soon, I will be creating again, writing, working on some digital scrapbooking, visiting with YOU here again.

Wish me Luck!

We reached our destination!

"The journey" of a year and a half is over! Dr Jennings has "finally" released all Lembcke family members from Orthopedic care! It is a grand day indead! As you know that is the reason I started this blog in the first place....To keep everyone posted on all of the surgeries (see early posts for some funny stories!!)....Lindsey's ankle surgeries from "the break of the century", Kimberly's ACL injury, and a few shoulder issues that were "hanging around my neck" (snicker).

Dr Jennings (and co) we Love you guys!

BTW....What exactly did you mean when you said "Don't be a stranger???". Just the concept of being in your office indicates an injury of some kind!!!

Maybe we will visit from time to time....

"Socially". *wink*
Which is, I'm nearly certain, what you meant...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


HI! I am alive, well, and hoping that you all had a Merry Christmas! Everything was great here in Texas! We spent time with family and friends and That is what it is all about!

I am on break from classes until January 14...nice! I will be taking Insurance, and Medical Billing Classes. gulp.....NOT sure if I am looking forward to those ones or not. Although, I must admit with as confusing as health insurance can be these days, I guess I will understand it when I am done.

Keep warm, enjoy the rest of 2007, and have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Flash Card Hell!

Oh mamma.......I am in study hell..
I know I have not posted lately but that is because there is sooooo many things to do. Not just school, but full time job, kids, hubby, house, and I am in a quilting club (FOR RELAXATION) too.
The latest class, Medical Terminology, I think, may get the best of me. This is a pretty comprehensive book If I do say so myself. It is mainly Memorization, and the class is accelerated, which means that I am in FLASH CARD HELL! Yep, that's what I said! The thing is, I think it will be my favorite class....there is just so many other things to keep up with! At least the Medical issues have died down! Lindsey has her final surgery December 12 with a couple of post op visits, after which I am not allowing anyone to be ill or injured! Got that guys???
I will post from time to time.......but it will probably LONG time to LONG time until mid December! I AM ENJOYING SCHOOL THOUGH....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know......everytime I go to a fastfood restaraunt they ask me if I want to "super-size" my meal...or Biggie size...What-a-size.....and so forth. Nope....I like it just the way it is...In fact what about MINI sizing it? I never finish those fries!

Imagine our relief as Lindsey's Pneumonia is "Mini-Sized" Back down to Bronchitis today! Whew...we made it through a tough weekend...I know you were all praying for her and I really appreciate that. She is recovering very Quickly! In her "down" time, she drew the most amazing picture of a little girl praying. So breath taking...that's Lindsey!

In other "downgrading" news...KIMBERLY was released from Orthapedic visits today!!! A great day around here. We are all just giddy! Dr. J. will only need to see her PRN. Kim has put up a fight and won! It just gets better from here!

Gotta go to work....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a Train Wreck!

It is official. Lindsey's bronchitis has developed into Pneumonia! She is just one big coughing fit. She has lost 14 pounds in just over a week! Can you believe that??
If we had plans with you this weekend....let's reschedule. I know that we were going to meet up with a bunch of you at Wolf Dance in Ft. Worth. And Josh and Becky at Oktoberfest in Addison. There's always next weekend!

Chris will be taking Kim to her Basketball Tourney Games. I will catch you all next round!

Marianne, I really wanted to spend time scrapbooking with you Saturday Night. Let's do it soon.
Call me if you are free for a chat. I will be babying my baby!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sleeping in a Hermetically Sealed Room!!!

You may be asking yourselves...."WHERE are the Lembcke's??" How can I go another day without seeing their shining faces??
Well, 3 of the 4 of us have Bronchitis!! Kim is pretty much done with it since she is the one that started the "trend". Chris and Lindsey are still feeling pretty icky. And all 3 have been to the Dr. for a couple of shots and a handful of scripts. ME? I am Caring for them from afar. I have even "tossed" Lindsey a cool washcloth for her forehead from across the room. I have also been sleeping in a hermetically sealed room at night........Man...aside from having a Quarantined sign on the front door you should probably avoid these "faces" for a least another week!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My "Liberal" Marriage?!???

Ok Everyone!!! My husband is seeing a "College student"!...
And it's OK WITH ME!!

He even asked me if I he could brag about it to his friends!
I said....."Ya, NO PROBLEM".
It just makes him "Feel" young, you know...and I am all for his ego being stroked...He says that it's a turn on that a college student would be interested in HIM!! He is in his mid 40's so it's THAT TIME.....MId life Crisis! He bought a convertible last year so this is just the next logical step...

For those of you who are ready to quit reading my blog on the grounds that I have gone off the DEEP END.....Hold on just a sec...

The "College Student" he is sleeping with is actually ME!!! Can you believe it? Back in school after all these years...(not gonna tell you How MANY years) I gotta say it is taking me a few weeks to get in the flow. While I enjoy it, I find that the homework is time consuming I am having to brush up on study habits! My goal is to work for a Doctor as an Office Manager....and let me tell ya......it is more than just saying "The Doctor will see you now!"

Saturday, September 1, 2007


OK...Kim and I took Lindsey to test for her Drivers Permit. What we encountered was a big "ROAD BLOCK!" (get it?! I should take this stuff on THE ROAD!......)

Seriously now, since someone (Not ME, of course) has "TEMPORARILY MISPLACED" (Certainly not LOST) Lindsey's Social Security Card, we cannot prove WHO this kid is! They need 3 forms of ID to issue a Drivers License! So we have her Birth Certificate, School Records, and a letter from the SS Administration stating her Number. (THEY won't reissue the social security card without a picture ID...like oh....a Driver's Licence or State Issued ID!...ugh the frustration!!) Well, a "Letter" from the SS Office just won't cut it with the Drivers License People! I asked to see the Officer on Duty and he made suggestions of other ID Forms.

He actually said while he was LOOKING right at us, and I am not even exaggerating here

"Hmmmm Does she have a Concealed Handgun Permit??!!!"
"What???" I said...."She is 16 years old! She would not have that!!"
Officer..."OH ya, you're right..."

(Flailing arms wildly in the air!)
They have now decided that they will accept her shot records as proof of identity. Not that I am going to make any announcements to them...BUT...this makes NO SENSE to me since the Doctor who GAVE her the shots blindly trusted that she was who I SAID she was.


All of you who are MY AGE or older should remember filling out your OWN Social Security Number Application and sending it in without ANY DNA Evidence of who you are whatsoever!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Diesel hits a new all time HIGH!! ($26.79 per gallon!)

Look Closely At this photo, taken this afternoon with my phone camera. According to these figures Chris just paid $2,471 for 92 gallons of diesel! That is $26.79 per gallon!!
Of course, there is a "DECIMAL POINT" error on this particular pump. (Chris did look at a nearby pump to make sure...lol) When he "Pointed" it out to the station attendant he found that they were already aware of the error..."We have had several drivers shut down the pump and come running in to make sure!" I would too!!! Kinda makes the actual $2.67 per gallon sound CHEAP!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Roller Coaster I Call "Life"

Wheeee! (Hands in the air!...sorta)

Work, to PT to Bible Study or an evening meeting of some sort. Or a weekend in Arkansas (NOT complaining it, was BEAUTIFUL and RELAXING!) In any case, I have not been HERE at home.

After work tonight I have a meeting on campus. I am praying that God will give me clear discernment for my work future. Remember, I want my last 20 years of work to be something I "choose"...something I will enjoy.

Lindsey won a Journalism Contest recently and was able to go backstage at the Barnum and Bailey Ringling Bros. Circus! Wow.....that was amazing! She and a friend, Carolyn, were able to witness all the goings on and got to interview circus performers! This was the first time that anyone was allowed to do this! She also won tickets for AWESOME seats and we all enjoyed the show up close and personal! She will be featured in a newspaper article recounting her experiences in the near future! Go LINDSEY!

Our Trip to Arkansas was a much needed speed bump in the otherwise "Nascar" pace of life here in the "city" if you will. Mom and Dad have really moved off the beaten path....or rather ONTO the BEATEN PATH. (Photos to come when I upload them!) It is LITERALLY a beaten path by the time you get to their beautiful "log-cabin-esque" home. Sigh.....I feel the stress draining out just thinking about it!

On that note...I am off to work! I will have to squeeze in "breathing" if I have time! (But only if it is absolutely Necessary!)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


OK, Marianne.....it is "Official" now. You have turned
"$)" (that is code...anyone wanting to know how old you really are will have to figure out what SHIFT buttons those are.) That way it the whole world (yes, the whole world reads this blog) won't know since you don't actually look THAT old! I say Make em "work for it".

I recently wrote my weight down on my medical History Form as an algebraic equasion. It was "ENCRYPTED" for a very good reason...not EVERYONE in his office needed to know what I weighed and if they really wanted to know they would have to do a little math.

Have an awesome day girl!!! Kudos to you for throwing one of the best birthday party's I have been to! Thank you for the beautiful flowers, dinner was yummy, and you even paid the crop fees! And it was YOUR Birthday! I had a GREAT Time! (CUE Birthday Song...) Enjoy YOUR day today!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Just a quick layout of Kimi. I just love the paper colors. The blue is called Robin's Egg...pretty!

Today's Funny!

Lindsey just walked in the door after a long jog outside. She is "glistening" and flushed from running. I said WOW......Lindsey..you are getting so dark! And she quips back saying...."I know!.....I am "COLLECTING" sun!

(and YES, she DID use sunscreen Melinda!) ;)

You are So stinkin funny, Lindsey! I just love the things that come out of your mouth!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Has my Absence made you grow FONDER?

Wow...things have really been heating up! I thought that summer was supposed to be relaxing and carefree! Not here...getting up early getting home late....not much time for scrapbooking OR blogging!

I have been looking into going back to school. The girls are mature and growing up faster than I care to admit, but I DO see it...that EMPTY NEST looming in the trees over there...

SO, what about ME? It has been a super long time since I have asked THAT question! I have decided that I want a job that I WILL ENJOY. So, for now, the job hunt is on hold. At this point, work is VERY stress free so it is the perfect time to concentrate on working on thinking about a future job that I WILL ENJOY! Interesting concept??? I KNOW I KNOW!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Men in Uniform!

Believe it or not this was the best part of the fair last year! The Marine Corp Band was Simply Stunning! The music was incredible and the choreography was so fun to watch. Nevermind the fact that Chris was a Marine when I met him...MEMORIES!!! Takes me back to that gorgeous man in that dress blue uniform...hubba hubba!! Man, I loved seeing him in that uniform!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Just a quick layout with Kim and Chris playing Volleyball.

Mandatory Blood Donation in Texas!

If you are a Dallas Area Resident, you have almost definately been inducted into the new
Mandatory Blood Donation Program!!
You may or may not even realize you are an active Participant! History is being made here.....as higher than average numbers of Mosquitoes have swarmed every sector of society. I don't know about you, but I am itching my way through the day. With as wet as it's been this year, I don't think there is an end in sight. You just have to think about it in a Positive way...
Donating Blood helps saves lives! (although in this case...the lives you save may not be HUMAN!)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Girls in DESTIN Florida

This was done with a template by Jen Caputo. All digital supplies came from Digital Designers.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


What do you do when you are challenged? I don't mean a challenge to DO something, but one that involves presenting an obsticle in your path that you have to overcome. I am now "writing through" one such challenge. I need to get my thoughts down so I can see the big picture.
I will have to be taking a 20% salary reduction at work. I was just called in this afternoon. I have made it through several layoffs and have been glad about that. My boss is asking me to "Hang in there" through a low workflow period. How long? It's Unclear.......could be a few weeks to a few months. There are several "irons in the fire" and an Offsite job that I have supervised before is warming up. What to do? I just don't know. I know I will likely stay I just need to think. I have to put things in perspective. I have not lost my job and I don't really have to think about finding a new one.
*My children are healthy
*My husband and I are healthy
*My family is happy
*I have a home, transportation, meals, and extras.

I have to bring my thoughts back to this when I think about gas going up, grocery prices seemingly to be creeping (and in some cases swiftly) up AND my salary going down. It is actually more that I have to make a decision to be just as productive at work and have "character" even when I feel devalued. Sigh...it makes it harder since Chris had some daunting news today as well. But, you know...life fluctuates. On the other side of this I will be stronger. My girls will appreciate life and the things we are blessed with. And just maybe, if they see me stay steady, they will learn "Character".

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Class Layout

Here is Lindsey at the State Fair a couple of years ago. I am really enjoying the Jessica Sprague Digital Classes. This one is about using a digital template to create your layouts! FUN!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Art Appreciation!

Lindsey loves her some ART. In fact she loves music, poetry, writing, and all kinds of expression. Here she is at the Ft Worth Art Show. Having a good time!

Donning Scuba Gear!

Apparently there is a storm system that has "stalled" over Texas! This has put a "damper" on pretty much most of out outdoor plans for the holiday. Not necessarily because it is raining all the time but more that everything is a mud puddle! We WERE going to an outdoor concert but when the radio suggested bringing a tarp....FOR THE GROUND...I said "oh...How 'bout Let's NOT!" We usually take one to sit UNDER not ontop of.
It has rained for weeks and the forecast says another week of wet! The good thing is that we can fire off as many "crackers" as we want to on the 4th....no fire alerts! Going to have a Happy Holiday at Kaboom Town in Addison! How will YOUR plans unfold?

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

And here are my 7 random and Very interesting facts! I'll bet you didn't know half of them!

1. Did you know that I have a "beautiful" TWIN sister? (Wink)
2. I have lived on EVERY coast of the Good ol US of A...Washington State, Montana,
Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Texas. (And Tennessee!)
3. I once flew in a military airplane where the crew allowed me to lie on a plate
glass viewing deck and watch them refuel a HUGE plane. I then got to see inside
volcanoes as we past overhead, and entire islands! COOL!
4. I lived in Korea with my Military Hubby before our children were born...the people
are amazing!
5. I have two amazing teenage daughters. I mean REALLY amazing!
6. My husband is my best friend.
7. Goals..stive to be healthy, change my occupation to something totally different and something that I enjoy,
and learn to love excercise.

I am tagging some of my friends...ANN, KERRI, SUE, JACI, ANGIE, KAREN D, TIFFANY, and STEPHANIE! Have fun...I am going to check your blogs for your LISTS!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pictures Added

Tonight I added photos to the Trip Update posts so you can scroll down to see. To tired to post anything else. Tomorrow...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Aphrodite! hubba hubba

Click LAYOUT to read journaling.

On Kim's 18th Birthday she and I went to Calloways Nursery so that she could choose some Perennial Flowers to plant on this significant day! Little did we know the Hibiscus that she chose is called "Aphrodite"! Not that we study Greek Mythology or anything, but I could not help but think about how Aprodite was the goddess of love and beauty! How appropriate! A pretty neat little factoid as my daughter possesses both of these qualities.

Enjoy this layout, which is the second in a 4 week Photoshop Class I am taking from Jessica Sprague.

Kim and Tiff have arrived safely at the hotel midway point and will be home tomorrow evening!!! yeah!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

BFFF Trip Update..what is it 5??

They went boating, tubing, wakeboarding, and skiing. Not everyone tried everything. Here is Kim just before tubing...a safe and "Orthepedic Dr. Approved" sport.

Well, they are coming home after all! teehee...I guess they miss good ole Texas, friends and hopefully family! They are going to take a little more time coming home and stop a little more often to look at the sights. (they were so excited to get to Florida and Nicole that they didn't pay attention to what was wizzing by.) So, say a prayer for safety. I will post photos to highlight their journey in a few days! What a fun trip!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yes! It's a PAPER Scrapbook!

This post is for Mimi! Just so you know that I DO remember how to Paper Scrapbook! lol...you crack me up! You are so dramatic! I just love it.

But incidentally, I AM scrapbooking with good ol' paper and embellishments, just about as I type! You know, I have missed the "Feel" of it! (Not picking up paper scraps everywhere though!) This is a wedding album for a good friend, who is giving it as a gift to her son and new daughter-in-law. I have to admit, I don't think I could ever give this up for good. Just too theraputic! And think about it, hauling just a laptop to a PAWS retreat....well, that just doesn't sound quite the same! I am planning on coming to the next one, so save me a seat!!! And I will be bringing a full CIS!

Friday, June 22, 2007

BFFF Trip Update #4

Ok........It is official....this kid fears NOTHING! I don't know why I thought she would back out of Bungie Jumping...She went on Tahiti Drop at the Water Park (Nearly a 90 Degree higher than high waterslide)...and of course anything that moves at 6 flags...the higher and faster it is the better...

So...she jumped Twice! The second time HEAD FIRST! All I can say is that I am glad I wasn't there. I will enjoy watching the video since she will be sitting beside me...IN ONE PIECE!

Besides a few Jellyfish stingers (the cute little ones like in SpongeBob!) she has had a pain-free and wonderful day.

Mimi,If she DOESN'T make it home...I am going to need your shoulder...AGAIN! (wink!)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

BFFF Trip Update #3

A short one today.....just more beach and shopping. I hear Kim is a lovely shade of Pink!

I also hear rumors of
tomorrow.....we'll see how brave they end up being.

Kerry/Kendra...if you read this...I asked all the right questions....She insists that there will be no "landing" on her leg and that there is a "bouncy blow up type of cushiony thing" at the bottom...

Note to Nana and Grandma Pat......I am sure that it will be a done deal by the time you read this post!


"Officially" Eighteen!

This is the layout I did in a Photoshop Class by Jessica Sprague. If you are interested in info on these classes...reply here and I will email you.
Journaling reads as follows:

It must be frustrating to have the time of your birth so far into the day! You are wanting to turn 18 at the stoke of midnight, but I keep reminding you that you are not “Officially” 18 until 5:06PM! Why do I have to be so technical?? Well, isn’t it obvious?? You will be a young woman and no longer my baby.. and as much as you hate it when I get “sappy” It is difficult for me to “LET” you grow up. You will be driving to Florida with Tiffany on Tuesday! Weren’t you just learning to ride a bike??
I certainly cannot let you two drive 12 hours away by yourselves!! Don’t I have enough gray strands popping up on my head already? I KNOW I have some wrinkles showing their ugly heads! If I forbid you to turn 18 will you listen? Probably not. Will I feel younger....It’s doubtful.
So here you are at the park...it is nearly 5 o’clock. I am taking pictures of the 17 year old you, and I am conflicted. My heart is heavy because our relationship will change.....maybe not instantly...but it will evolve. And yet, this will be a good thing. And then the moment arrives...you are officially 18. I am proud of you Kim...and you know what....Now that these apron strings are loosening a little...Maybe I will find it easier to breathe!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BFFF Trip Update #2

They have arrived! So Kim calls Daddy from the Beach...and says. "Yes, we are here sunning ourselves on the beautiful white sand...The water is so blue...so beautiful.......WE MAY NEVER COME HOME!"

I knew I should have kept her locked up in that closet Home!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"BFFF Trip" Update #1

You know "BFF" (Best Friends Forever for those of you without daughters) But....I have named Kim's Girlfriend Trip Blog Updates as "BFFF"......"Best Friends Forever FLORIDA" Trip......so there you are.....Daily updates to follow...
As of today...
They are safely in the hotel at the 3/4 of the way point.....was a breeze...no significant issues other than a little rain on the "last leg" of the "first leg". They have worked out in the Hotel gym....(that bit of news is for Kendra her PT and Dr. J's office! GOOD GIRL KIM! Doctors orders followed even away from home!)

They will head out late tomorrow morning as they only have 4-5 hours left....I don't know what had me Chris so worried! (Hope he doesn't read that...)

And Their Off!

I just said goodbye to Kim and Tiffany as they are off on Kim's Birthday Trip! Wow......what a rite of passage! Driving across the country with your best friend...I will admit I AM more than a little nervous about this. But, I have had a couple of months to wrap my brain around it. I know they are going to have a blast. They are visiting a mutual friend who has moved several states away. So, while they are on the beach sunning, relaxing and having the time of their lives......I will be growing a few years older and a lot more grey hair. Trying NOT to worry...as I told her the 100's of Rules......no rest stops at night, stay together......and so many other things that their heads are swimming. I did tell them though that it would be ok to pick up a hitch hiker or two....you know to help with gas and driving......I hope they knew I was kidding.......

Sunday, June 17, 2007

This Girl Turned 18 Today!

Click individual photos for close ups.

Just the other day (or rather 15 years ago!) we were here in Wisconsin and you girls were playing in these flowers! I love the young woman you have grown up to be. A good friend told me recently..."You guys raised a good kid!" I could not agree more...and I am proud of you Kim. (alligator tear...)
Kim would like to extend a huge "Thank you" to all of you for cards and gifts and phone calls, she can't wait to go on her Trip and she will contact you all shortly!
I took Kim to a park this afternoon for a quick photo shoot...enjoy! (NO crying Nana and Grandma!)...wink!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Never say Never!

Public Service Announcement...this in response to earlier post concerning following statement.......

Ok.....so when I said I would NEVER play Dance Dance Revolution....I just meant that I "Might" never play.....turns out that this game is actually FUN! Lindsey was relentless about my trying it and even though I swore I wouldn't I just had to OIL that sqeaky wheel. (that being Lindsey)
Have you read the book Sam I am by Dr. Suess? Sam insists that he will not eat green eggs and ham...he does not like them...(and had never tried them, of course) Well, he finally tries them and Wallaaaa He LIKES them and will eat them here or there.....on a plane or train...and so on....
Well, I am now a Dance Dance Revolution Fanatic.....come on girls....one more song!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sweet Sydney

Here is our cat when she was a kitten. My boss found her in the backyard but was allergic so she had to find a new home for her. We had lost our kitty about a year before this so it was time to Love a new one.
Sydney is a one girl cat, however. Lindsey is HER mommy and she will come to her anytime.....the rest of us?....just whenever SHE has an inkling!

The Boogyman

You know....I have never been afraid to be at home alone at night. I can hold down the fort.....no problem. BUT the other night I am here and heard a weird noise and then a "thud". I actually ran to the door to make sure it was locked...The dog was NOT barking.....ugh....so I cracked a window so she could hear where the "boogeyman" was and bark so he would know she was there. The ONE night Chris has been gone in forever!
Lindsey comes downstairs and says "Did you hear THAT?" I said "yes"...and she said "A big branch fell off the tree out front!!" So much for the boogeyman! lol...Aren't we quick to jump to conclusions sometimes? The Neighbors even came out to see what the noise was......but no one could move the branch....

Layout for Today.

Here is a quick layout of the girls playing Pool. I thought the circle paper worked well to mimic the pool balls! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Black Light Bowling

Hi! Here is the layout using the "glowing" bowling photos I had posted earlier! It was pretty fun! It is the first double sided digital layout I have done.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What TIME?

I am glad to be back at work! Didn't think I would be saying THAT! lol I tell ya though, It has been "feast or famine" with my hours! lol....2 hours one day and then 10 today! Kinda hard to know what to expect. I guess it is really a work load issue.....I AM Glad to be back.......I am realizing that I really do enjoy working. You know, sometimes you think that it would be so great to stay home all the time. I loved being with my children...I also love feeling productive and being with you guys at work!
I missed lunching with you Kyla...and then what do you do? .....REFUSE to eat lunch with me today! Ok ok...so I was hungry, it was LUNCHTIME and you were in a meeting with the bosslady...with the door SHUT (Probably talking about that employee in Cubicle #1--don't get me started about HER!). So I hadta eat.....

Lunch....tomorrow.....breakroom....BE THERE!! (wink!)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I will NOT Play!

(To Kim & Lindsey)......Just for the record......I WILL NOT PLAY The Dance Dance Revolution Game that you(Lindsey) Bought Kim for her birthday. I will NOT.....so stop begging me! I will be beside one of you on my Dance Mat fumbling around while you are jamming...I will look foolish.....You will be rocking.....SO..Quit Asking!

Just had to get that out bouncing around into Cyberspace.......just for the record.

ok....I feel Better now...

I'm Late!

shhh...don't tell anyone, but I'm late...I mean REALLY LATE!

Did I Getcha? Well, I went to the Doctor for my 6 week check up. I am healing perfectly and I have finally been cleared for "Take off" if you know what I mean......but no "Frequent Flying" just yet. (blushing) I must say that I am feeling GREAT!!! I am even noticing things that I did not "attribute" to the issues related to surgery. I have a lot of energy I didn't have before. Hmmmmmm....this could really be life altering! I am really glad that I am over everything and back into the everyday activities of life! Even glad to be back at work...when it is there. Thanks you all! This has really been a Journey! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Layouts from Basketball Nationals

Here are multiple photos of Kim and her team (and the Varsity Boys team) In Oklahoma City in March. Enjoy! I loved getting 11 photos on these pages! So many photos!

Monday, June 4, 2007

HI to EVERYONE at Dr. J's Office!!!

Welcome to a corner of my creative world! This is where I post Scrapbook layouts and ramble on about happenings in our lives. I have Scrapbooked for years, but only with my computer for the past couple of months or so...as It keeps me busy while recovering. Anyway, enjoy some cute photos of OUR GIRLS! I say "OUR" because I feel that you all have "Adopted" Kim and Lindsey as your own. They truly love all of you guys. You have made a couple of very difficult situations much easier for our family to walk through. Thanks!
You guys will need to scroll way down to see a couple of layouts about the girls and recovering from injuries. You can also wave back at me to let me know you were here by leaving me a message in the LIME GREEN box at the top right of my blog! I would LOVE to hear from you!
Love you!

OH and if you want to read the Scrapbook layouts better you can click on it for a larger view! :) YOu have to realize that when I have them printed they will be at least 3 times this size and the journaling will be easy to read!