Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And Their Off!

I just said goodbye to Kim and Tiffany as they are off on Kim's Birthday Trip! Wow......what a rite of passage! Driving across the country with your best friend...I will admit I AM more than a little nervous about this. But, I have had a couple of months to wrap my brain around it. I know they are going to have a blast. They are visiting a mutual friend who has moved several states away. So, while they are on the beach sunning, relaxing and having the time of their lives......I will be growing a few years older and a lot more grey hair. Trying NOT to worry...as I told her the 100's of Rules......no rest stops at night, stay together......and so many other things that their heads are swimming. I did tell them though that it would be ok to pick up a hitch hiker or two....you know to help with gas and driving......I hope they knew I was kidding.......


Katie Jones said...

what fun! I love those kinds of things.

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