Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Officially" Eighteen!

This is the layout I did in a Photoshop Class by Jessica Sprague. If you are interested in info on these classes...reply here and I will email you.
Journaling reads as follows:

It must be frustrating to have the time of your birth so far into the day! You are wanting to turn 18 at the stoke of midnight, but I keep reminding you that you are not “Officially” 18 until 5:06PM! Why do I have to be so technical?? Well, isn’t it obvious?? You will be a young woman and no longer my baby.. and as much as you hate it when I get “sappy” It is difficult for me to “LET” you grow up. You will be driving to Florida with Tiffany on Tuesday! Weren’t you just learning to ride a bike??
I certainly cannot let you two drive 12 hours away by yourselves!! Don’t I have enough gray strands popping up on my head already? I KNOW I have some wrinkles showing their ugly heads! If I forbid you to turn 18 will you listen? Probably not. Will I feel younger....It’s doubtful.
So here you are at the is nearly 5 o’clock. I am taking pictures of the 17 year old you, and I am conflicted. My heart is heavy because our relationship will change.....maybe not instantly...but it will evolve. And yet, this will be a good thing. And then the moment are officially 18. I am proud of you Kim...and you know what....Now that these apron strings are loosening a little...Maybe I will find it easier to breathe!


Stephanie said...

Great LO! tfs..