Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know......everytime I go to a fastfood restaraunt they ask me if I want to "super-size" my meal...or Biggie size...What-a-size.....and so forth. Nope....I like it just the way it is...In fact what about MINI sizing it? I never finish those fries!

Imagine our relief as Lindsey's Pneumonia is "Mini-Sized" Back down to Bronchitis today! Whew...we made it through a tough weekend...I know you were all praying for her and I really appreciate that. She is recovering very Quickly! In her "down" time, she drew the most amazing picture of a little girl praying. So breath taking...that's Lindsey!

In other "downgrading" news...KIMBERLY was released from Orthapedic visits today!!! A great day around here. We are all just giddy! Dr. J. will only need to see her PRN. Kim has put up a fight and won! It just gets better from here!

Gotta go to work....