Saturday, September 1, 2007


OK...Kim and I took Lindsey to test for her Drivers Permit. What we encountered was a big "ROAD BLOCK!" (get it?! I should take this stuff on THE ROAD!......)

Seriously now, since someone (Not ME, of course) has "TEMPORARILY MISPLACED" (Certainly not LOST) Lindsey's Social Security Card, we cannot prove WHO this kid is! They need 3 forms of ID to issue a Drivers License! So we have her Birth Certificate, School Records, and a letter from the SS Administration stating her Number. (THEY won't reissue the social security card without a picture oh....a Driver's Licence or State Issued ID!...ugh the frustration!!) Well, a "Letter" from the SS Office just won't cut it with the Drivers License People! I asked to see the Officer on Duty and he made suggestions of other ID Forms.

He actually said while he was LOOKING right at us, and I am not even exaggerating here

"Hmmmm Does she have a Concealed Handgun Permit??!!!"
"What???" I said...."She is 16 years old! She would not have that!!"
Officer..."OH ya, you're right..."

(Flailing arms wildly in the air!)
They have now decided that they will accept her shot records as proof of identity. Not that I am going to make any announcements to them...BUT...this makes NO SENSE to me since the Doctor who GAVE her the shots blindly trusted that she was who I SAID she was.


All of you who are MY AGE or older should remember filling out your OWN Social Security Number Application and sending it in without ANY DNA Evidence of who you are whatsoever!!!


Katie Jones said...

too funny hopefully she can get that soon.