Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a Train Wreck!

It is official. Lindsey's bronchitis has developed into Pneumonia! She is just one big coughing fit. She has lost 14 pounds in just over a week! Can you believe that??
If we had plans with you this weekend....let's reschedule. I know that we were going to meet up with a bunch of you at Wolf Dance in Ft. Worth. And Josh and Becky at Oktoberfest in Addison. There's always next weekend!

Chris will be taking Kim to her Basketball Tourney Games. I will catch you all next round!

Marianne, I really wanted to spend time scrapbooking with you Saturday Night. Let's do it soon.
Call me if you are free for a chat. I will be babying my baby!


Anonymous said...

Love the 60