Thursday, September 13, 2007

My "Liberal" Marriage?!???

Ok Everyone!!! My husband is seeing a "College student"!...
And it's OK WITH ME!!

He even asked me if I he could brag about it to his friends!
I said....."Ya, NO PROBLEM".
It just makes him "Feel" young, you know...and I am all for his ego being stroked...He says that it's a turn on that a college student would be interested in HIM!! He is in his mid 40's so it's THAT TIME.....MId life Crisis! He bought a convertible last year so this is just the next logical step...

For those of you who are ready to quit reading my blog on the grounds that I have gone off the DEEP END.....Hold on just a sec...

The "College Student" he is sleeping with is actually ME!!! Can you believe it? Back in school after all these years...(not gonna tell you How MANY years) I gotta say it is taking me a few weeks to get in the flow. While I enjoy it, I find that the homework is time consuming I am having to brush up on study habits! My goal is to work for a Doctor as an Office Manager....and let me tell is more than just saying "The Doctor will see you now!"