Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was in the bathroom drying my hair this morning when I heard quite a racket in the kitchen. I was only mildly concerned because our older dog has a harder time getting in the dog door now days. I called to her "c'mon girl" and continued to get ready for work.

Minutes later, as I approached the kitchen to pour coffee, what I saw made me laugh hysterically! THIS little Bandit had gotten into the fridge and was in "Leftover Heaven"!! So stinkin' funny! Of course, or two other dogs would not be left behind in the "Pillaging" and were enjoying the wealth of Grandma's Olive Garden lazagna and a someone's Chicken Fried Steak.

Would you ever believe that such an inocent looking pup could be such a rouge?? Of course not! We have actually caught her in the fridge before and set up a "sting" to see how she was doing it. It is a "one dog" operation. She was caught mashing her nose into the rubber lining and wiggling her way in. (no pain no gain, right???)

The funniest thing about the whole venture this morning is that "DAD" got blamed for the disappearance of the leftovers when people were looking for them at lunchtime! ha!

Remember, if you don't wedge a chair against the fridge door, anything on the bottom shelf IS FAIR GAME!!!


PS: So we went to Ghengis Grill for dinner tonight and we all had leftover "chinese" style to-go boxes. Since the leftovers are all so similar in appearance, Chris grabbed a pen and went to label them...he wrote his name and gave me the pen...I wrote my name on mine and then went to label Grandma's. In a moment of pure wit I labeled it "M-O-L-L-Y"!...teehee...we all had a good laugh.
Now, where can I buy a child/"dog" proof refrigerator lock???