Saturday, May 10, 2008


Thursday morning..4:20am...April 10th..

It was the worst storm I have EVER experienced...

Chris and the girls saw red, blue, and green lightning! (I have since researched this and the colors are due to gasses in the air)

All I saw, as I (don't do this at home) stood in front of the(glass)screen door, was rain and debris flying around so violently that my view was only just past my own front yard. Tree branches were thrashing violently. I can't even begin to describe the sound of the wind. The sirens were sounding, but we could not hear them. Then we lost power.

Kim woke up because the tree in the backyard was banging up against her second story bedroom window. She got up to look and could not believe how the tree was rocking in the wind. She got Lindsey and they stood there (again, NOT proper storm procedure) in front of the window watching the storm. The ligntning was just like a strobe light...flickering so fast. I have never seen anything like it.

We got the girls downstairs and I went to the back door to see how the fence was fairing. But when I got there, what I saw made my fence concerns of no importance. Our tree, the one Kim woke up to now lay on the ground. (see photo)

It was an amazing storm and was actually classified as a tornado. I drove around the next day in amazement as I saw how powerful the forces can be. Next time, I may head for safety.