Thursday, July 5, 2007


What do you do when you are challenged? I don't mean a challenge to DO something, but one that involves presenting an obsticle in your path that you have to overcome. I am now "writing through" one such challenge. I need to get my thoughts down so I can see the big picture.
I will have to be taking a 20% salary reduction at work. I was just called in this afternoon. I have made it through several layoffs and have been glad about that. My boss is asking me to "Hang in there" through a low workflow period. How long? It's Unclear.......could be a few weeks to a few months. There are several "irons in the fire" and an Offsite job that I have supervised before is warming up. What to do? I just don't know. I know I will likely stay I just need to think. I have to put things in perspective. I have not lost my job and I don't really have to think about finding a new one.
*My children are healthy
*My husband and I are healthy
*My family is happy
*I have a home, transportation, meals, and extras.

I have to bring my thoughts back to this when I think about gas going up, grocery prices seemingly to be creeping (and in some cases swiftly) up AND my salary going down. It is actually more that I have to make a decision to be just as productive at work and have "character" even when I feel devalued. makes it harder since Chris had some daunting news today as well. But, you fluctuates. On the other side of this I will be stronger. My girls will appreciate life and the things we are blessed with. And just maybe, if they see me stay steady, they will learn "Character".


Natalia said...

(((((Hugs!))))) I'm so sorry you're getting hit with all this at once. :( I hope things look up for you guys soon!

Marilyn said...

So sorry! (((((HUGS)))))
Hoping for the best!

Glenna said...

keeping you in prayers sweetie

Gayla said...

Bummer girl but you know, we always make it through. AND, if you're lucky the reduction in pay will take you down into a little bit lower tax bracket and you'll get it all back plus some in the end...OK, so we can always hope...right???

Hang in there...stay positive and your cyber kitty humor had me cracking up! Shoot, your blog cracks me up and makes me smile. Just love the digital layouts your doing.

you know, we should try and meet up for lunch or dinner sometime...forget the cropping since I never get anything done anyway. LOL

Katie H. said...

Hi Margaret,

I’m so sorry to hear all the challenging news L Hang in there, and I hope things are looking up soon!