Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Roller Coaster I Call "Life"

Wheeee! (Hands in the air!...sorta)

Work, to PT to Bible Study or an evening meeting of some sort. Or a weekend in Arkansas (NOT complaining it, was BEAUTIFUL and RELAXING!) In any case, I have not been HERE at home.

After work tonight I have a meeting on campus. I am praying that God will give me clear discernment for my work future. Remember, I want my last 20 years of work to be something I "choose"...something I will enjoy.

Lindsey won a Journalism Contest recently and was able to go backstage at the Barnum and Bailey Ringling Bros. Circus! Wow.....that was amazing! She and a friend, Carolyn, were able to witness all the goings on and got to interview circus performers! This was the first time that anyone was allowed to do this! She also won tickets for AWESOME seats and we all enjoyed the show up close and personal! She will be featured in a newspaper article recounting her experiences in the near future! Go LINDSEY!

Our Trip to Arkansas was a much needed speed bump in the otherwise "Nascar" pace of life here in the "city" if you will. Mom and Dad have really moved off the beaten path....or rather ONTO the BEATEN PATH. (Photos to come when I upload them!) It is LITERALLY a beaten path by the time you get to their beautiful "log-cabin-esque" home. Sigh.....I feel the stress draining out just thinking about it!

On that note...I am off to work! I will have to squeeze in "breathing" if I have time! (But only if it is absolutely Necessary!)