Saturday, July 28, 2007


OK, is "Official" now. You have turned
"$)" (that is code...anyone wanting to know how old you really are will have to figure out what SHIFT buttons those are.) That way it the whole world (yes, the whole world reads this blog) won't know since you don't actually look THAT old! I say Make em "work for it".

I recently wrote my weight down on my medical History Form as an algebraic equasion. It was "ENCRYPTED" for a very good reason...not EVERYONE in his office needed to know what I weighed and if they really wanted to know they would have to do a little math.

Have an awesome day girl!!! Kudos to you for throwing one of the best birthday party's I have been to! Thank you for the beautiful flowers, dinner was yummy, and you even paid the crop fees! And it was YOUR Birthday! I had a GREAT Time! (CUE Birthday Song...) Enjoy YOUR day today!


A said...

Mystery solved! The big 4-0! Happy B-Day!